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Statistics Detroit Chapter 9 Bankruptcy

Statistics for In re: City of Detroit, Michigan
Case No. 13-53846 (SWR)

updated: 11/05/2014
Date of Filing: July 18, 2013
Estimated Debt: ~$18 billion
Creditors: over 3,500 pages make up the Creditor List
Docket Entries: 8177
Objections to Eligibility of City to File Bankrutpcy: 159
Motions Filed: 495
Orders Entered: 769
Motions or Stipulations for Relief from Stay: 73

5th Amended Plan filed on 07/25/2014

4th Amended Plan and 4th Amended Disclosure Statement filed on 05/06/2014

3rd Amended Plan and 3rd Amended Disclosure Statement filed on 04/25/2014

2nd Amended Plan and 2nd Amended Disclosure Statement filed on 04/16/2014

Amended Plan and Amended Disclosure Statement filed on 03/31/2014

Chapter 9 Plan of Adjustment and Disclosure Statement filed on 02/21/2014

Objections to Chapter 9 Plan: 1161
Objections to Chapter 9 Disclosure Statement:


Objections to Claim: 40
Notices of Appeal: 37
Adversary Proceedings: 10 (filed)  /  7 (closed)
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